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xPSP  PSX Savegame auf PSP selbst hinzufügen!

Hab im Englischen Tut gefunden wie man den Savegame sellbst hinzufügt!

Jedoch sollte es eine Möglichkeit geben die Savegame vom epsxe die Savegame auf CWCheat hinzufügen können.

Folgendes braucht ihr das Tool: PSXMemTool_1.20b um die Endung .psx zu .mcr konvertieren.


Using CWCheat to swap memory cards:
Now CWcheat is very picky about how the memory card needs to be named, and it also needs to be in epsxe format. If your save is in another format then you need to convert it.

The epsxe save needs to be named after the game's Game ID.
You can check the Game ID of a game by going to the SonyIndex ( website and looking up your game.

Connect your USB cable and copy your epsxe save to X:\seplugins\cwcheat\mc\
(kein Bild, wegen X)

Notice how there's a -0 at the end of the filename? You can have up to 255 of these saves, -1, -2, -3, etc. Now disconnect your PSP from your computer, and launch your PSX game.

To activate CWCheat, hold down the Select button (it may take 1-3 seconds). The CWcheat menu should pop up:

Go down to "Manage memory cards" and select it with X.

When you enter it, you'll see some options:

save memory card 1 to memory stick - this will turn memory card slot 1 save into an epsxe save at seplugins/cwcheat/mc/FILENAME.MCR
save memory card 2 to memory stick - this will turn memory card slot 2 save into an epsxe save at seplugins/cwcheat/mc/FILENAME.MCR
load memory card 1 from memory stick - this will load the epsxe file from /seplugins/cwcheat/mc/FILENAME.MCR to memory card slot 1
load memory card 2 from memory stick - this will save the epsxe file from /seplugins/cwcheat/mc/FILENAME.MCR to memory card slot 2

At the bottom is will show the name of your save game file where it says:

Currently selected memory card file:

Press Right or Left to change the epsxe save, then select your option. If you want to load the epsxe into your game, you'll want to select "Load memory card 1 from memory stick". If you want to back-up your savegame so you can copy it onto your computer (maybe put it back onto a Playstation system via your Dex Drive), select "Save memory card 1 to memory stick".

Originally Posted by Krelian Thanks also to gast1986
You're going to do something like this:
1.) Put your .MCR file in the \MC\ folder in CWCheat in your PSP.
2.) Start your PSone game on your PSP.
3.) Hold SELECT as soon as you see the PlayStation logo and go down to Manage Memory Cards.4.) Choose "Load memory card 1 from memory stick" (as long as you named your .MCR file properly it should say Last Operation : OK! at the bottom).
5.) Exit that screen and Return to Game!
6.) After the CWCheat screen is gone I hit HOME and Reset Game (this is only for games that load memory card data when they start up [like most fighting games] but I do it for every game just in case).
7.) Now the game can see/use your savedata but that information won't be saved into the PSPs Saved Data until you actually go to a save point or do what you need to to save in that game.
Once you've saved in game all that information is in the save file in your PSPs Saved Data Utility and you may continue to play your game and save like normal. If you're going to use this save data on just the PSP you won't need to use the CWCheat Memory Card Manager to do anything else (you would need it to go back out to a real PSone memory card though).If you want to make a copy of your PSP saves in case of a bad memory stick just hookup to a computer through USB and go into X:\PSP\SAVEDATA\ there you'll find folders corresponding to each of your games, just copy those.
Hope that answers your question without giving you too much extra information.
If you're wondering how I learned this, I used the PSX on PSP - Memory Card Handling guide on GamersPress and experimented to learn the rest...
Any other questions feel free to ask.



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