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xGames  Mafia City: The Maroni Family is the most renowned of all the others

This vignette, placing the weight of real leadership on my shoulders after the high of a deliciously free-form killing spree, Gangster Games Online is typical of Mafia City. Because Mafia City has fleshed out its predecessor's rather spartan open-world not with extraneous distractions and miscellaneous malarky, but with constant options, choices, and responsibility.

Take the construction racket, for instance. That hotel assault was just the cherry-bomb on the cake. To get to that point, I had to weaken the entire organisation, reducing its income bit by bit, until I could make the big push. The means Mafia City offers to do so present a Matryoshka doll of possibilities within possibilities, each certain to reduce the mob’s finances by a certain percentage of a target sum, and each open to tackle in any way I choose. Or not.

I can take down supply trucks, either on the road as part of madcap driving battle—targeting wheels and petrol tanks at will—or by tracking them down when parked up at mob sites, casually rolling a grenade beneath before sauntering off. I can attack lower-level enforcers wherever they might conduct their professional activities, fighting through their goons before bumping them off, or aggressively recruiting them for my own empire. I can take a bigger risk by hitting a more secure location, assaulting a major, multi-tiered building site packed with dozens of well-armed mooks. That means a large-scale attack, but I’m free to use any approach, from a full-ghost stealth run to bringing in extra muscle and a boatload of guns after a couple of quick phone calls to my seconds-in-command (if they’re still talking to me). Or I can just take the direct approach, and quietly lift a large pile of cash while its owners are busy filling a building’s foundations with fresh corpses. Maybe I’ll toss a molotov while they’re distracted by business, maybe I’ll just vanish on the breeze.

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Author: SmallSheepDudugo

29.06.2018 07:05
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