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xGames  Santi Cazorla: And the heart is happy again

After two consecutive years of struggling with the injury Arsène Wenger said was "the worst I ever saw," Santi Cazorla's encouraging performance against Montpellier in the pre-season friendly proved why. Villarreal want to sign him.
Santi Cazorla: And my heart is happy again
Santi Cazorla: And the heart is happy again
At the end of the match, Santi Cazorla pulled his socks down, took off his black shoes and left them at Stade Saint-Michel, a beautiful little football stadium in Canet-en-Roussillon, southeastern France. Match concaved with a 1-1 result. The equalizer was so late that it did not appear on the scoreboard. The former Arsenal midfielder has not played in any official matches since 19 October 2016 but the optimistic signals have finally come to him.
After almost two years with 10 surgeries and a warning that walking in the garden was hard, Cazorla was back in action. The 33-year-old left Arsenal in May after months of persistent struggling with the pain. Coach Arsène Wenger described his injury as "the worst I've ever seen" and answered "I hope you were wrong" when the Spaniard was supposed to never play again. more. Cazorla has now played in three pre-season games for only nine days for Villarreal and "The Yellow Submarine" is intent on signing him. "I would never be able to repay all that Villarreal did," he said.
Cazorla in Villarreal
Cazorla was in Villarreal when he was young
Although still a little uncomfortable in the right heel as well as the lack of physical activity, but the emotions of the competition have overwhelmed all, at least in the match. Last week, Cazorla admitted that even 20 minutes of moderate kicking was "utopian". The night he said that, 636 days after his most recent appearance in the Champions League clash against Ludogorets, he played half an hour in front of Hércules - a fit and decent opponent. "It feels very special to be a soccer player again," said the 33-year-old midfielder. To do so, he had to undergo many challenges, have to resuscitate the tendon in the foot, infection of 8cm and must use a piece of skin on the arm to fill the ankle.
"It was not a serious injury," Wenger said when he pulled Cazorla out of the ring for the last time. But the problems are getting bigger and his Arsenal career ended when last season ended. Even fear exists so long that his jersey shirt career seems to have been put to an end. But he continued to fight and although the stadium in Canet-en-Roussillon is only a small area of ​​the Emirates alone, but he also means a lot Tỷ lệ kèo bóng đá
But after the eight orchids of Cazorla
Stitches after 8 surgeries of Cazorla
Last season, Cazorla spent most of her time living and training alone in Salamanca. After leaving Arsenal, he trained with the youth team Alavés before Villarreal call contact. He attended the pre-season of the "Yellow Submarine" in Girona and of course with caution. However, he still completes the training sessions every day and attends matches 3-4 days per game before La Liga starts next month.
The confrontation with Hércules on July 17 was the first match. Three days later, he was in the 47th minute before Marseille. A few days later, he competed for another 30 minutes on a bumpy and pretty pitch near Perpignan. The team's bus had to be parked behind a temporary bench on one side of France's Canet Roussillon home ground. A large fence surrounds, in the scene at the time it seems a bit superfluous and also completely unnecessary. A total of 400 people have come to watch this match. Cazorla has a very good smile, despite the fact that the pitch is not good Nhận định kèo tối nay
Advertising department publishes local companies. A small wine bar and fries. When the match started, some of the supporters shouted "Montpellier!" Until there was a great applause for the ball. It was not Cazorla but Montpellier's Isaac Mbenza, who scored the opening goal. Cazorla was still on the bench but was sent off. And a smile on his lips! It was hard to stop his immense joy at that moment, that smile seemed to dispel the cruel reality that he experienced.
Santi moment back sa
Analysts arrived, plugging the chip and the transmitter into the shirt Cazorla was wearing. Each of his movements was recorded and a few minutes later, he and 5 other players kicked off. After 59 minutes, they were greeted by a move. Cazorla does not run anymore. He works on the left wing corridor without a fixed position. His first pass was a pass to Nicola Sansone. The next phase of the process is smooth and faster, with a passage through the furnace
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12.08.2018 05:08
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