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xGames  Now players can trade more regulated

MapleStory's trading process is entirely altering and will no more be at the Free Market.The ending of a century is approaching. Every time a new choice is designed for MapleStory 2 Mesos, the process of closing Market areas has started.

For we must explain it. These are areas where players can exchange in the popular MMORPG game MapleStory and exchange them. Many players collect in this area to market their merchandise and either build a seat or compose what they market and what they purchase.

Regrettably, the players that were willing to trade were drawn into the fraud, the hackers, the replicators and all sorts of malicious people. Nexon, who wanted to close these open spots of the Free Market, lately added the Auction House attribute to the game and now players can trade more regulated.

Nexon, the distributor, will continue to gradually remove Free Market this month and will eventually be completely changed to Auction House system. In short, an end result for MapleStory.We have found additional gems among the new games in Google Play for you. These include the popular MMORPG MapleStory M.

MapleStory - bulk MMORPG using a negative perspective. The favorite MMORPG MapleStory for PC now also has a mobile version: MapleStory M. Lately, it launched a worldwide beta test for all Android users. The game will soon be available for downloading on January 30th everywhere except Korea, China and Japan.

15 years ago, the South Korean sport Maplestory became the first important free-to-play game. The picture has evolved through recent years.

If you are not familiar with the name, then it delivers plenty of opportunities for changing the look, a beautiful story and epic, despite its rustic appearance, raids on the directors. This is in compact mode.

Participants at the beta exam will be able to get into the Maple World map with five unique personalities, the ability to team up with other players to explore dangerous dungeons and look at different customization resources, including the brand new tagging system.

The sport is still in an evaluation phase but can be played (in English) but using a side note: after the evaluation period your progress in the game is going to be eliminated to become Buy MS2 Mesos. Without needing to make payments that are nevertheless, you can already play. From the game become stronger and you remain in the Maple World to beat against monsters, chat and act.

13.12.2018 09:38
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