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xGames  brm corvette watch GF6-44-SA-N-SQ-ABLF


This watch gets rid of replica swiss watches the traditional black and white collocation, boldly adopts the eye-catching red as the main color of the watch, the red dial background color, and then the red strap, the overflowing festive atmosphere. The slender white tick marks the Arabic numerals on every 10 minutes, with a classic three-eye dial and a silver bezel that look more layered and showcase the brand's noble temperament.

The watch measures 19 x 17mm and the mirror is made of sapphire crystal. The white dial, the Arabic numerals on every five minutes, and the silver-white bezel combine to perfectly interpret a retro style. What's more worth mentioning is that the watch's back, coupled with the noblest way to express the noble, to create this unique watch.

Thanks to the three miniature sapphire crystal tubes, the birds' chirping is produced by the compression of the air rather than the vibration. The first crystal tube pumps the air, stores it in a second crystal tube, and then pushes the air into the third crystal tube to adjust the melody according to the volume of the air and the speed of the piston. From a mechanical point of view, the adjustment mechanism operates magnetically to prevent metal parts from coming into contact with one another, thereby reducing the noise inside the watch. The fascinating time bird parts are meticulous and subtle, the mechanical mechanism is extremely complicated, and its exquisite and elegant aesthetic design is the crystallization of the art workshop. Similarly, the veritable miniature sculpture bird, the hand-carved and traditionally painted mother-of-pearl dial and the hand-decorated movement of the traditional Swiss pastoral landscape, are crafted with exquisite craftsmanship.

Its rectangular case and elegantly sleek blue surface design make it a magic weapon. Its rectangular design subtly uses all the space to ensure the precise operation of the watch itself, while also enhancing the beauty of the watch. The dark blue dial features a checkered panel and elegant pointers that perfectly embody the wearer's elegant beauty. After the pendant is fitted with a platinum necklace, it rotates and flows, shaking its posture, presenting two features: a colored corolla on the back of the case, or a mother-of-pearl on the faceplate. breguet type xx Exquisite and pleasing when time passes by.

Craftsmen greubel forsey replica are positioned with unmatched patience for each set of spaced lines, ready to fill in different shades of enamel. Starting from the center point, he gently twists the golden silk band, and each shape is treated independently by the human hand until the curve of the ball is inverted and close to the case. Before drawing a sketch for the next line of patterns, he first painted the most delicate petal lines, and the edges and treatment of the petals presented an elegant visual movement, which made the face plate injecting anger. The masterpiece of the master painting is the perfect correction of each interval and arched surface. Lack of this ingenious trial and merging process, when the enamel melts in the kiln, there is a chance that the color will be out of bounds and ooze out from the gold gap. Then is the coloring time. The craftsman paints the fine enamel powder with a brush and fills the petals with white gold trim. Whether it is blue or red, or a colorful hue, after multiple firings of 800 degrees Celsius, all kinds of shades of different shades are radiant and distinct.

Inspired by traditional paper-cutting techniques, the surface decoration combines exquisite carving techniques and micro-painting techniques to create stunning and rich details for this masterpiece. Finally, the watch is equipped with a 47mm diameter red gold or white gold case, each limited edition of 8 pieces, elegant and three-dimensional shape in the metallic luster against the more beautiful. This watch is undoubtedly a model of Jacques de Rodriguez's watchmaking craftsmanship, allowing you to listen to the song of time.

He was the first watchmaker to introduce a time-keeping bird mechanism in his pocket watch. This sophisticated mechanism was also used to decorate snuff boxes and other crafts, attracting many international customers for the brand, from Madrid to Beijing. In keeping with the pioneering spirit, the Bird Repeater and the charming Bird of Time have recently been launched. The fascinating Time Bird Watch combines the craftsmanship of micro-mechanics and art workshops and won the 2015 “Innovative Mechanical Watch” award from the Geneva Watch Awards.
The master craftsman reinterprets the classic Grande Seconde dial and its digital “8” shape with a guardian meaning. The dials show hours and minutes. The table below shows a veritable small time bird under the sapphire crystal dome. Today, graham watches replica this innovative design is recreated with a new and chic “Charming Time Bird” with a delicate mother-of-pearl dial that reveals an elegant and glamorous decorative motif.

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