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How to Use Olive Oil Around the House

Olive oil is possibly the most loved and used oil in any American household. A study in 2007 showed that Americans consumed more than 70 million gallons of olive oil, which equated to approximately the amount of water needed to fill 105 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

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In contrast to the popular uses of olive oil as a healthy cooking ingredient, many people don’t know that they can use olive oil for many other purposes around the house. Check out the list below for 8 household uses for olive oil that might surprise you.

Condition Leather

Old, worn out leather furniture, bags, and jackets will look supple and nice looking again after being rubbed with olive oil. You let the leather soak in this nitrous oil for about 30 minutes, then use a clean, soft cloth to wipe and shine it.

Remove Paint

Olive oil is a hero when it comes to removing paint from your skin. Simply rub olive oil into your skin, and then let it soak for about 5 minutes before gently rinsing it off with soap and water. The paint will come right off without stripping the moisture of your skin!

Lube for Squeaky Doors

You only need to put a few drops of olive oil onto the squeaky hinge or door and move it back and forth a few times before it functions normally again.


Olive oil has another purpose in the kitchen besides dressing salad or sautéing veggies. It can be used to shine stainless steel pots and pans and prevent them from tarnishing and corroding.

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Wood Polish

It is recommended that you use organic ingredients to polish wooden furniture to preserve its natural moisture. To do so, you mix olive oil with vinegar in the 4 to 1 ratio, then rub this mixture onto the wood and let it dry completely.


Stuck zippers can be annoying, especially when you are about to run out the door. You have nothing to worry about if you have some olive oil at home! After dipping a cotton swab into olive oil, you dab it onto the zippers and voila, they work normally again!

Removing Gum

Using olive oil to remove gum is a great option because it isn’t toxic for you and your family. It also preserves the condition of the surface where the gum is stuck to. You can soak a small cloth or tissue into olive oil, wrap it around the items with the stuck gum, such as a shoe or even your kid’s hair, let it sit for about ten minutes then gently slide the gum out.

Emergency Lamp

As a natural oil, olive oil has the ability to make a functional oil lamp in case of emergency when your house is out of electricity and you run out of battery for your flashlight. Find some oil lamp wicks, then you can pour olive oil into a shallow bowl or dish, place one end of the wick into the bowl and light the other end to get a functioning lamp.

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Final notes

For uses around the house, you can skip the expensive, top rated olive oil brands and pick up a more affordable version. You will be able to enjoy a more natural and organic way to clean, polish, and maintain things around the house without making your bank account suffer.

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