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xGames  World of Warcraft Death Knight

World of Warcraft Death Knight

 The Death Knight is one of the professions in the famous online game World of Warcraft. He used to be a just people and bravely and fearlessly against the darkness, but the evil they confronted was not easily expelled.

    The power of death awakens the hero of death, giving it an almost eternal power, and the death knight is born. These former heroes wore more powerful armor, manipulating the invincible dark magic, and carrying out all the atrocities they had fought against.
Ner'zhul, who couldn’t stand the atrocities of the devil, once again compromised, so his soul and the armor of his life were placed in a cold ice that was collected at the end of the twisted void, and was thrown into the Northrend continent in Azeroth. The power of the Classic WOW Gold blasting glacier created a natural fortress. Ner'zhul became the Lich King and will continue to work for the demon, and his cronies are torn into flesh and become a sorcerer. At the same time, the Lich King began to corrupt the human mind and resurrect their bodies. Starting from Arthas, a once noble soldier was given a stronger force of death. They are the second generation of death knights, the terrible commander of the Scourge.

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