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xGames  WOW: Pastor Resurrection Skills

WOW: Pastor Resurrection Skills

    10 seconds to cast, resurrect the target player, the resurrected player has 750 life and 1000 mana, can only be used in non-combat situations. The mana cost is increased as the level increases, and the resurrection skills of each level consume the same mana (so the resurrection should choose the highest level of resurrection that you learned). After the resurrection spell is cast, the resurrected target will be revived, and the target of the resurrection will be required to be revived. If the resurrection target has been taken offline, then the resurrection spell is ineffective.
    The resurrection at all levels is only different from the life and mana after the resurrection, but because no matter which level of resurrection, the life and mana after the resurrection are quite small (meaning that you need to rest and can not immediately fight), so in some cases The resurrection of the next few levels can be considered for the time being.

    This skill is a very common skill in the game. Familiar with every skill of the pastor can play his biggest role in the game. If you use the WOW Classic Gold currency, use it with the priest skills, the effect will be very good. To purchase Classic WOW Gold, you can purchase it online at ZZWOW.

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