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xGames  How to Account Live Com Password Reset?

Forgot your Account Live password and now searching for the ways to reset it? Well, there are two ways for the same; first through and the second is through The first link needs to be followed if the two-step authentication feature is enabled. In case, if the feature is off or you cannot access the registered credentials with the Microsoft account, then visit from any of the web browsers.

Now, what you have to do is to provide the required information in the fields given, and Microsoft will send you a password reset code. You have to get this code from your email address or phone number and use it for resetting your password.

Make sure the new password is strong enough to keep your Microsoft account protected from cybercriminals. Also, ensure it is easy enough to remember. For further queries, feel free to contact the Microsoft customer support team at 1 888-315-9712.

Account Live password reset | Account Live com password reset

15.11.2019 08:22
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