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xGames  The rewards are even greater in MLB The Show 19 March to October

The basics of Diamond Dynasty mode in MLB 19 are the same as before, You build a squad of players through playing the game, pack openings, and the Market. The differences this time, however, are significant. DD is the collector mode, but you earn XP in just about every part of the game. XP increases your reward values for everything you do in MLB The Show 19. In the all new Team Affinity section, you can earn rewards as you rack up innings with players from your favorite team. The more innings you play, the more team specific rewards you’ll earn. Having purchased MLB 19 Stubs, I was able to claim some rewards to help get my team started. From my free fantasy diamond pack that allows you to choose between a plethora of different players, I went with my heart over my head and chose Cliff Floyd.

The developers wanted to eliminate these cards, primarily to encourage variety in lineups this year. Users that played last year game into the summer can attest that most lineups consisted of the same cards just a few months into the game. With a clunky user interface and a cacophony of ways to play, a steel determination was a must in order to learn the ins and outs. You earn rewards at a better rate, many of those rewards are choosable (letting you tailor the reward to your needs), and there are more places to earn XP to fuel your progress.

Even the Home Run Derby gives you 25 XP for every home run you hit. You can get similar rewards playing Road to the Show and Franchise mode. The rewards are even greater in March to October. Diamond Dynasty next reveal is a big one, the Signature Series. Signature Series is a new set of rare and powerful unlockable players, taking Diamond Dynasty to new levels. Get ready to hunt down autographs to unlock all time greats like Willie Mays. This is the new class of must have players for your squad.

As an Expos fan, I simply couldn’t resist Buy MLB 19 Stubs. I was also provided a reward for taking part in the Alpha testing of the game and came away with Carlos Correa, so it seems like it was a good idea to participate in that testing. Immortals were the pinnacle and prize of Diamond Dynasty last year, but it caused teams to lean too heavily into one direction for online head-to-head play. Developers hope the exclusion of these cards, and a greater balance at the top of the proverbial food chain, will help vary the types of team compositions users can succeed with moving forward.

26.04.2019 08:44
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